Claims that "Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate" are a Hoax and my replies to them.

 First of I'd like to say that my analysis and conclusions do not speak for Orly in anyway, she will comment when she has time on her blog at
 I personally have NOT yet seen this document in hand, so I cannot personally attest to it's validity. However at the very least I feel the document does raise 'reasonable doubt' and 'probable cause' in addition to Obama's Grandmother's sworn statement that she was present at Obama's birth in Kenya, as well as the Kenyan Parliaments statementS that Obama was born there, so definitely there is grounds for more investigation and the courts need to act on this matter. MORE on that proof on other pages of this site.

UPDATE: 9/18/2009: Orly Taitz has been evasive regarding this issue, and for other reasons, I had given Orly advance notice that I would no longer be able to assist her.

--> There is another Kenyan B.C. that Luca Smith brought that is allegedly from the Hospital in Kenya!


 This page is being updated regularly as other issues or comments pop up. Recent update was 08/07/2009.

See item #17 regarding this image posted on the internet.

 The following questions were posted on various forums, blogs and such and I choose to list them and address them here in one place.

  1. It was dated Feb 14, 1964 and had the designation Republic of Kenya. However that designation was not official until December 1964.

That does not mean that the documents prior to then were not marked Republic as it would be common for a state after recently declaring it’s independence to act independently rather than continue under old rule.

Kenya declared its Independence from Great Britain in 1963 and evidently started to call itself "The Republic of Kenya"...

unless the writer of this newspaper article from 1963 was a prophet and called it "Republic of Kenya" before Kenya came up with that.
Newspaper article from 1963 journalist refers to Kenyan as a Republic.

2. It’s number 44 O 47 is a bit coincidental with 44th President Obama 47th President

The # appears to read 44,047. Look at the "O" in "MOMBASSA" on the same line, it is a different character than the "0".

NOTE: Senator Obama was the Rep. for the zip code 60606, so does that make him a Hoax? or "the Antichrist"?

3. The name EF Lavender. Earth Friendly Lavender is a detergent.

Also the name of a flowering plant. Lavender is also a SURNAME!

Mombasa did not become part of Kenya until 1963. It used to be part of Zanzibar

The document was made in 1964, so pointless to mention.  

5. The
Coast General Hospital is actually called the Coast Provincial General Hospital

People in all countries tend to shorten names of places, this is not proof of anything either way. And~
"These volunteers from Egypt, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and the United States worked with a Kenyan medical team at Coast General Hospital."

6. There are unconfirmed statements that women who would give birth in 1961 would go to the “Lady
Grigg Maternity Hospital” which was later rolled into the Coast Provincial General hospital.

The operative words being “unconfirmed statements’ aka hearsay…

7. Obama's father (born in 1936) would have been 24 or 25 when he was born and not 26.

Obama’s Fathers actual birthdate has never been verified, and 25 to 26 seems more accurate.

8. Would a nation with a large number of Muslims actually say "Christian name" (as opposed to name) on the birth certificate?

"The term Christian name is often used as a general synonym for given name".
Also, "According to the most recent Kenyan Demographic and Health Survey,1 which presents statistics for a nationally representative sample of women between the ages of 15 and 49 and men between 15 and 54, approximately 88.5% of the population is Christian." And it was even a HIGHER % of Christians (and fewer Muslims) the farther you back to 1963.

 Obama's father was Muslim and likely Arab as well as being African. Kenya is predominately Christian, but the Coast Province, where Mombasa is at, is majority Muslim.

9. Obama's father's village would be nearer to
Nairobi, not Mombasa.

Mombassa, a coastal trading center, would have better facilities than Nairobi where Obama Sr. probably had little or no ties.

The place was called the “Central Nyanza District,” not Nyanza Province. The regions were changed to provinces in 1970.

There were districts, provinces and finally regions. There is a lot written about provinces before 61...after 63 regions also were delineated. Provinces and districts are 2 different things. Provinces in Kenya are made up of many districts. This is more like what County is to a State in USA.

"This is a scanned version of the paper map entitled: Kenya produced in 1964 by the Survey of Kenya. The map represents the boundaries of Kenya as well as provincial boundaries".
Columbia U:

11. Orly (the one that starts the majority of these accusations, with her sidekick Keyes) is no stranger to releasing fake documents and bluffing her way into the court system. Apart from her bluff over the social security accusation she apparently has other birth certificates to show for the lawsuit, one of them below:

Known Hoax Kenyan BC

It is wise to follow all leads about the eligibility or INeligibility of BHO. Orly made no claim of either document as genuine, in fact her case is a request for authentication as serious questions exist about BHO’s eligibility, especially since his own Grandmother state she was there in Kenya and present during his birth.  I do not see how the SS issue could be a "bluff". No where could I find any evidence of Orly ever supporting another Keyan BC as evidence, if I am wrong on this then someone correct me, with some proof of the claim.

12. Now obviously some may be asking what's the difference then between his Hawaiian short form birth certificate and this new "smoking" Kenyan short form?
Hawaii short form birth certificate was verified by the Hawaiian state government:
To verify we did indeed have the correct document, we contacted the Hawaii Department of Health, which maintains such records.
"It's a valid
Hawaii state birth certificate," spokesman Janice Okubo said June 13, 2008.

That does not answer if it is a Hawaiian registration of a FOREIGN birth or not. Hawaii allowed registration of Foreign births, in facts Obama’s ½ sister Maya Soetoro has a HI COLB but was born in Indonesia.

a) Fukino yesterday issued a statement saying that she and the registrar of vital statistics personally inspected Obama's birth certificate and found it to be valid.

Valid maybe, but was it a Hawaiian registration of a FOREIGN birth?

b) And then of course there will be the "questioners" who will come our and say "if had just released his long form none of this fuss would be happening". Well:

13. His finished his campaign, his proven sufficiently his eligibility vai the law and he is not obligated to prove anything further. The majority spoke on November 4th. The president isn't constitutionally obligated to satisfy every single individual in American that's impossible.

With all the voted fraud charges against ACORN, once that is exposed, BHO may be found to have far less votes you think… BHO did NOT at anytime prove eligibility, in fact he had gone to great lengths to seal and hid his records and past prior to the election as well.  Votes have NOTHING to do with Eligibility.

proving anything will not end the conspiracies being spread about him so get real. In any case his still not obligated to answer to you and your "concerned citizens mob".

BHO as POTUS works for We The People, we the taxpayers, he is not a King and is not above the Law, and he most certainly is required to prove eligibility and to answer any and all questions regarding such. At least such admission of “mob” shows it is not just a small fringe who question BHO legitimacy or lack thereof.

15. The fonts is from 1995.

No, the font is Prestige Elite, created in 1953. see here;

16. An Australian guy said the copy was made of off a copy of his birth certificate and he removed his copy from the internet.

I checked the web archive and could find the site and page but NOT find the image, which is very odd if it was supposedly posted years ago... also...

17. A anonymous blogger came forward and said he made it and it is fake?

A blogger now claims to have made the document as a hoax, well just as easy as it is to make a fake it is easy to make a fake saying you made a fake, right. ;) The courts will decide if it is real or not. IF determined to be a fake the person trying to take credit for that could face criminal charges for faking a public document. Also LOOK at this PROOF A HIGH END GRAPHIC'S PROGRAM WAS USED TO MAKE A "HOAX VERSION" in attempt to discredit the KENYAN BC that was posted on Orly's site and blog.

18. World net daily got some documents from Kenya of that era and they look a bit different, but I thought they published earlier that they saw documents of the time from Kenya and that they were strikingly similar.

Yes, I saw that, and it is a good lead to follow up on. yes, and yes I read the prior comments too, but I cannot speak for WND but maybe they got the other docs. later.

19. I heard the case with this document was already 'thrown out'.

Actually, the court found some filing errors of which are being corrected, this si common on court cases, especially regarding eligibility, and the case should still be heard once refiled.


 One interesting point is the date of this document fits quite nicely in place with the timeline (below) of the Obama divorce proceedings and a document like this would likely have been required and obtained to prove custody of Obama Jr. (according to Orly and

Jan 20 (Mon) – divorce request is filed by Stanley Ann D. Obama (BHO II's Mother)
Jan 23 (Thur) – divorce trial orders given by Judge King at chambers (note – if the judge, or Stanley Ann Dunham’s attorney, told her to order the Kenya birth certificate, it would have been mailed 10,000 miles away, to the “Coast Province” Registrar’s office of the “Republic of Kenya”, likely arriving around the first week of February 1964 to be processed)
Jan 28 (Tue) – Gail A. Watanabe, presumably an assistant of Stanley Ann Obama attorney George Kerr, mails the notification for trial to Obama SR (her affidavit is signed Feb 3 and filed)
Jan 30 (Thur) – via Air Mail, notification of trial arrives at Obama SR’s Cambridge, Mass, address. The 10-day “knock and nail” notification would have expired on Sun, Feb 9. Therefore, the next trial date would have been automatically set, per Judge King’s instructions, for the first Tuesday, 30 days later, on March 3
Feb 10 (Mon) – allowing for a 10-day “knock and nail” notification for trial, Obama SR’s trial notification would have been retrieved by the US Post Office on this date, to be mailed back (as events turned out – UNSIGNED by Obama SR) to Hawaii as an exhibit for trial
Feb 17 (Mon) – the Obama Kenya birth certificate is signed by the “Coast Province” Deputy Registrar, to be mailed back to Hawaii for receipt by Ann Obama and/or her attorney (note: mail time would have ranged from a few days (Air Mail) to a couple of weeks (ship), arriving back in Hawaii in the last week of February to first week of March 3 (Tue). Based upon Judge King’s Jan 23 orders for the next trial date, “at 9:30 a.m. on the first Tuesday after thirty (30) days have elapsed from and after the date” that Obama SR would have been served with the notice of trial. That notification came back, unsigned, by Obama SR, so Ann’s attorneys surely requested, and received Default Judgment for the divorce in her favor for “grievous mental suffering”
Mar 5 (Thur) – trial takes place in favor of divorce in Hawaii, placing custody of Obama JR to his mother by default (note: the trial was likely rescheduled 2 days after the automatically set date of Mar 3, possibly for the convenience of the judge and/or parties)
Mar 20 (Fri) – the divorce decree is signed by Judge King

 So until the document has it's day in court and is properly verified, and there are good points on either side as to the validity of the jpeg document in question so again i make no claim either way, and I'd like to see higher resolution copy of it, as well as an original.

 In the meantime Orly and others like myself are working very hard long hours everyday to try to get to the truth and to see that the courts address the serious issues of Obama's illegitimacy to hold the Office of President., and others should support our efforts.
 Read the rest of the site, link here and below for more details on Obama's eligibility issues.

 I will add this point, unlike the jpeg 'document' that Obama posted that seems to be clearly forged, at least this one is being made available willingly to the public via the courts for analysis and has more information on it!  Note: This site can not and does not make any claims as the the accuracy of the 'Kenyan BC' document at this time.

Please note: That regardless of WHERE "Obama"/Soetoro was born, his Father was a Foreigner and therefore "Obama" is NOT a "natural born citizen' and therefore still NOT eligible for Office of President, regardless. See other pages on this site for detailed explanation in easy to understand terms.


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