How to use Flash VPN APK?

You are fed up with the unrestricted web browsing or you want to access the restricted content by using VPN applications. Here is the best VPN server application which allows you to access the all restricted websites to see the hidden information.

Flash VPN Apk allows you to access the internet as if you are located in United States, Singapore, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany. It is the amazing application for anonymous and unrestricted web browsing, by changing the VPN address. It is purely safe secure for your browsing.

Flash VPN Apk allows you to browse any website without any limitations or restrictions from any of the countries mentioned above. There are no restrictions set by a company or government benches. With this flash VPN apk, you can enjoy the unrestricted internet access to any website or blog.

There is one more advantage of this Flash VPN apk is use the IP address to enter into websites completely different from the traditional apk which are present in the market or google play store. It is very difficult to track your IP information and enable you to browse the web safely and securely. This application allows you with a simple one click, you can connect to the fastest VPN server of that particular country. These VPN servers are arranged on multi locations in the world like the United Kingdom, England, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, and United States. You can unblock the restrictions by showing various geographical locations. This VPN will secure your privacy and protect your secure VPN encryption. To use this VPN services you no need to do any rooting to your Android Smartphone.

In google play store also you can see the rating we got for Flash VPN apk is 4.4+ rating. Most of the cumulative ratings, since the app was, came live on google play store. Commonly the top applications will receive 4+ rating in the store. Approximately we received more than 66738 Five star reviews out of 97549. According to the google play store, this Flash VPN apk was downloaded more than 5000000 times. This application is categorized under productivity in play store. This apk was available in 1.3.4, 1.3.4, 1.3.3, 1.3.2, 1.3.1, 1.3.0.

Name Flash VPN Apk
Category Productivity
Installs 5,000,000+
Version 1.3.4
Developer Flash Software
Requires Android 4.2V & above

Features of Flash VPN APK

Here you can learn about the features to know how to use the Flash VPN services to your Android smartphone.

  •    By single tap, you can connect to fastest VPN proxy service in the world.
  •    Flash VPN servers are installed in multi-locations like United Kingdom, England, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, and United States.
  •    Easily you can unblock various geographically restricted websites from one location.
  •    There is no time limitation to connect with flash VPN servers.
  •    This will protect your privacy by secure VPN encryption.
  •    No root is required for your Android mobile phone to use these VPN servers.
  •    These VPN servers are safe and secure to connect and to display your location on various destinations in the world.
  •    This application needs some permissions to access on your android smartphone or device.
  •    If you want to use this flash VPN services in PC you can use this application through blue stacks software downloading in your PC.
  •    Spontaneous and user-friendly application.

How to Download Flash VPN APK?

If you decided to download the flash VPN apk you got two ways to download this apk file. You can download this application through our private servers and another way is to download the application from an official link on google play store.

The application which is available on our server is free from all virus and malware software. We take care before uploading the file into the server from all types of viruses. This application is bug-free and it is mobile friendly too.

There is a major advantage to download from our private server. When you reboot your device automatically everything will vanish. If you download the apk this will be saved in your private memory later easily you can install the application on your smartphone.

Flash VPN apk servers are safe and secure to use for browsing all websites y showing fake location ID. If you want to download just simply click on the Download button which is given below, Download will begin automatically.

In case if you want to download the flash VPN from the official link through google play store simply click here, automatically it will redirect you to the official page where you can download the application.

How to install Flash VPN APK?

If you finish downloading and facing some trouble problem to install, please follow the steps which are given below to avoid the problems to install the Flash VPN APK on your smartphone.

  •    Go to the settings option on your android smartphone.
  •    Then find the security settings option in settings.
  •    Then go to security settings and click on the unknown resources.
  •    Enable the unknown resources option on your mobile. By enabling this option won’t affect your android smartphone.
  •    Once you enable the unknown resources, then go to the apk downloaded file.
  •    Click on the file then it will display the install button on the screen.
  •    Tap on install, installation process will start and it will take few seconds to install.
  •    Installation is done, then you can find that app icon on your app menu in your smartphone.

How to use Flash VPN APK?

Once if you download and installation is done, you can open the app from the app menu, open it.

Open the application then you can see the option on and off, on the application.

On the right corner, you can find the option, there can set the location that where you want to show your location.

With one click you can connect to the fastest VPN proxy server in the world. It is safe and secure to browse the web with fake IP location. There are no restrictions from the company or any government rules and regulations.


Flash VPN Apk provides free VPN services to the people. With just one click you will be connected to the fastest VPN proxy server in the world. Flash VPN servers are deployed all over the world in various locations. You can stay in one location and shows the IP location in various places. You can access unblock geographically restricted websites. There is no limitation for connection with the VPN proxy server. Hope you all liked this article on Flash VPN Apk. If you are facing any trouble problem while downloading or installing please try to contact us through comment section given below.

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